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Returning a 4D array from a function in MATLAB

user984 Published in July 16, 2018, 2:45 am

I am trying to return a 4D array of image data from a function call in MATLAB. I'm not very advanced in MATLAB and I don't know what type of data I have to return from the function. Here is my function:

function classimg = loadImages(classdir,ext)
    % create array of all images in directory
    neg = dir([classdir ext]);
    % get size of array (to loop through images)
    numFileNeg = max(size(neg));
    % create a 4D array to store our images
    classimg = zeros(51,51,3,numFileNeg);
    % loop through directory
    for i=1:numFileNeg
        classimg(:,:,:,i) = imread([myDir neg(i).name]);

Here is the function call:

negativeImgs = loadImages("C:\Users\example\Documents\TrainingImages\negatives\","*.jpg");

I cannot find any online documentation for the return type? Does anyone know what this would be? classimg is populated correctly so the code inner works.

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