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Can't reach backend when url base is set

user821 Published in July 16, 2018, 6:26 am

I have an application built using Express, Mongoose, React and Node. My application is hosted on a location which looks like the following: https://example.com/app_name which means that app_name is the base path for all of the static assets.

I'm using Webpack and setting publicPath to https://example.com/app_name. I can reach my static assets just fine, but when I attempt to do a call to my back-end, my requests are being routed to https://example.com/api/... instead of https://example.com/app_name/api/....

Is there a way to prefix my endpoint calls so that they use https://example.com/app_name/api/... instead of https://example.com/api/...through webpack or any other means?

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