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update a single record for 200 concurrent user in postgres

Santosh Savan
Santosh Savan Published in 2017-12-07 13:15:47Z

I have a single record containing the version, initially 1. 200 concurrent users are updating the same record, every update version should increase by 1.if everything goes proper, then version must be 200.

I am unable to update the record properly.

Max connection pool size = 50
Database = Postgres

Could you please suggest? Thanks in Advance :)

Laurenz Albe
Laurenz Albe Reply to 2017-12-13 08:32:43Z

There is no need for anything complicated here, and no need for explicit transactions management.

All involved sessions just issue

UPDATE mytab
SET version=version+1
WHERE key=42
RETURNING version;

By default each statement runs in its own transaction, and these transactions will lock each other out with an exclusive lock on the row, so they will be serialized automatically.

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