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Accessing Object Properties in Array VBA

user1645 Published in July 18, 2018, 4:47 am

I cannot figure out how to access object properties in an array using VBA. I have created an array like:

Dim objectArray(10) as Variant    
Dim counter as Integer            'used to move to next element in array

Next, I declared an object and store it in the array:

Dim object as Variant
objectArray(0) = object           'object stored in array[0]
counter = counter + 1             'increment counter

I want to pass the array to a function.

Call function(objectArray())

That function receives the array of objects like:

Public function(objectArray() as Variant)

So far, it seems to have worked when I have debugged it. My objectArray() seems to contain the object. When I store one object in the array, the debuger shows

objectArray(0)(1,1) .... 'this is in the Watch section of the debugger

I want to access the properties of that object in the first position of the array. That object will contain a name, several values, and a date. I've been trying to access the properties on that object like

Dim separateVar as Variant             'declare new var to hold "name"

separateVar = objectArray(0)(1,1).Value

However, when I run the macro, I get "Some Error Occured, 13, Type Mismatch". Am I accessing the object property values incorrectly?

Any help would be appreciated. Finding articles about accessing objects is easy, but finding ones about accessing their individual properties has been very difficult.

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