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Using bind(prefix) with TextBoxFor

SCFi Published in 2017-12-07 14:31:13Z

I was wondering if there was anyway to use Bind along with the Html For methods. i.e.

public ActionResult SearchBar([Bind(Prefix = "Foo")]string LookupKey) { ... }

    public class Person 
        string LookupKey { get; set;}
        string FirstName {get; set;}
        string LastName {get; set;}

And having @Html.TextBoxFor(x=> x.LookupKey ) produce

<input type="text" name="Foo"/>

As to the why do this it is more of just pondering at the moment and may not be the way to go for proper/best practices.

Also I am not looking to override the Name propery as in @Html.TextBoxFor(x=> x.ID, new { Name ="Foo"}) I was wondering if I was missing a possible dataannotation or another method that could make this implicit for all uses. Aim of this is obfuscation of key properties

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