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nHibernate Euro symbol € change for character ¿

Douglas Cinto
Douglas Cinto Published in 2017-12-07 15:01:12Z

I've tried save a Euro Symbol using NHibernate and FluentNHibernate in a database Oracle 11g.

I have checked a log from NHibernate and see the generated sql statement:

       SYMBOL = '€',
WHERE  ID = 63

When the query from table CURRENCY execute, the column SYMBOL returns ¿

I've tried change the FluentNHibernate Mapping for the column SYMBOL using AnsiString, like this:

Map((x) => x.Symbol).Column("SYMBOL").CustomType("AnsiString").Not.Nullable();

But it doesn't work.

I tried too change type of column for NVARCHAR2 and change FluentNHibernate Mapping for:

Map((x) => x.Symbol).Column("SYMBOL").CustomSqlType("NVARCHAR2").Not.Nullable();

But it doesn't work too.

How can I get it working?

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