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Create copy of class passed as argument

user1355 Published in March 24, 2018, 12:46 am

I am creating a project in VBA to automate handling of asynchronous quasi-multithreading (mouthful, sorry). This revolves around creating and running multiple copies of a class which Implements a certain interface, and raises some known events when the async task is complete. The interfacing is similar to this example

My program calls the class to execute its code, and listens to the events raised, that's all working fine. Now my final task is to take any given class which Implements the appropriate interface, and make multiple copies to set running in parallel.

How do I make copies of a class which is passed to a routine?

How can I take a class reference and make several New versions?

Or in code, each one of my thread classes (the classes which handle the async class which is passed) will have a Worker property to save their task.

Private workerObject As IWorker
Public Property Set Worker(workObj As IWorker) 'pass unknown class with IWorker interface
    'What goes here?
    Set workerObject = workObj
    'This won't work as then every thread points to the same worker
    'I want something to create a New one, like
    Set workerObject = New ClassOf(workObj)
    'But of course that doesn't work
End Property
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