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Using a RESTful Webservice as a Spring Data Repository

user903 Published in July 16, 2018, 6:24 am

I currently have a project using Spring Data repositories configured to access an Oracle database (this all works fine). What I want to be able to do now is to configure these same repositories to also be backed by a RESTful web-service.

The main reason for this (which I admit may sound strange) is due to the web service providing additional functionality that makes life easier than just using the direct database connection. Both the webservice and database are controlled by a 3rd party and I have no control over either.

I've been googling this, but the only results that turn up are about creating a webservice layer on top of the database, which is not what I want. Is this possible, and if not - what are the alternatives? I basically want a piece of middleware that abstracts away whether the data is going straight into the database or calling a webservice.

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