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AngularJS, Gulp Static asset revisioning

CodingFreak Published in 2017-12-07 15:57:44Z

I'm using gulp-rev module for static asset re-visioning of my source files and it generates all files - CSS, JS and HTML with new file names appending the hash code in it.

Before : app.js  
After  : app-2cba45c.js  

But in my AngularJS code and HTML pages I referred to other HTML with the actual names, how do I handle this when I use gulp-rev?

For Example:

HTML Code:

        <div class="wd pull-left colapse_border">
            <ng-include src="'views/Header.html'"></ng-include>  <!-- how to handle this -->
           // This didn't work
                 <ng-include src="'views/Header*.html'"></ng-include>

JS Code:

In $routeProvider:

                templateUrl: 'views/Header.html', // how to handle this
                // This didn't work
                // templateUrl: 'views/Header*.html',
                controller: 'HeaderController'

Gulp Code:

var gulp = require('gulp'), 
    fileSort = require('gulp-angular-filesort'),
    cleanCss = require('gulp-clean-css'),
    rev = require('gulp-rev');

gulp.task('appFiles', function () {

var jsFiles = gulp.src('./src/**/*.js')

var cssFiles = gulp.src('./src/**/*.css')
    .pipe(cleanCss({debug: true}))
    .pipe(gulp.dest('./build' + '/Styles/CSS'));

var htmlFiles = gulp.src(['./src/**/*.html',  '!' + './src/index.html'])

var jsonFiles = gulp.src('./src +/**/*.json')

CodingFreak Reply to 2017-12-11 14:40:32Z

Thanks @lzagkaretos for the help.

Using gulp-rev-replace solved my problem.

Gulp code:

var rev = require('gulp-rev'),
    revReplace = require('gulp-rev-replace');

gulp.task('build', function () {
return gulp.src(['./src' + '/**/*.js', './src' + '/**/*.css', './src' + '/**/*.html', './src' + '/**/*.png', './src' + '/**/*.json', '!' + './src' + '/index.html'])

gulp.task("revreplace", function () {
var manifest = gulp.src("./dist/rev-manifest.json");
return gulp.src(['./dist/app/**/*.*','./dist/resources/*.*','./dist/styles/*.*'])
  .pipe(revReplace({manifest: manifest}))
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