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Extracting all named values from an ansible array

user984 Published in April 27, 2018, 6:43 am

I'm not even quite sure how to describe what I'm trying to do! So I'll just jump straight in. I have a hosts file :

jvb0  ansible_host=serverA
jvb1  ansible_host=serverB


And I want a list of the servers in the jvbservers group. What I've come up with so far feels a bit OTT.

    jvb_names: "{{ jvb_names|default([]) + [ hostvars[groups.jvbservers[item|int]].ansible_host ] }}"
  with_sequence: start=0 end="{{groups.jvbservers|length-1}}"

Gives me a result like I want :

ok: [localhost] => {
    "jvb_names": [

Is this sensible? It feels like there should be a neater way to do something like :


(Where "*" would be a pattern matching all valid options. Obvs that particular syntax doesn't exist!)

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