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kernel IRQ domain list

user923 Published in March 22, 2018, 1:35 pm

I'm developping a simple GPIO driver for a SoC running linux (newbie's level), I am facing problem because IRQ numbers are different from those in datasheets.

I've learned that effective IRQ manager may create IRQ domains. However the

unsigned int irq_find_mapping(struct irq_domain *domain, irq_hw_number_t hwirq) needs a domain structure. How can I list the available domain for my plateform. Thank you.

here are some files' content

file: irq_domain_mapping
name mapped linear-max direct-max devtree_node gpio-dwapb 29 29 0 /soc/gpio@ff709000/gpio-controller ... 99 0x00019 none
file : /proc/interrupts
99 ... 25 edge gpiolib
however DTS file maps the interruption at 197 with dwapb manager
interrupts = <0x00000000 0x000000a5 0x00000004>

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