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mysql query isn't returning data

Adam Zeigler
Adam Zeigler Published in 2017-12-07 15:13:08Z

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why can't I get the pageTitle I can get the pageId this is the line it fails on:

$sqlARTICLEQuery = "SELECT * from pages, articles where pages.pageId = 
articles.pageId and pageTitle =".$_GET['pageTitle']." order by pages.pageId, 

$articlequeryResult = mysqli_query($conn,$sqlARTICLEQuery);
while ($articlequeryRow = mysqli_fetch_object($articlequeryResult))
$articles ="<a href = article.php?articleId=".$articlequeryRow->articleId." 
data-role='button'><button id ='wrapper'>".$articlequeryRow->articleTitle."
echo $articles;

I get an error that says

Notice: Undefined index: pageTitle

Warning: mysqli_fetch_object() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in

not sure why I am getting this especially if I change the variable $_GET['pageTitle'] to $_GET['pageId'] it works.

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