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Tracking interactions in google analytics

Phill Published in 2017-12-07 19:07:18Z

How do you track every interaction ON a web page? for example a photo gallery? How would I track which image was viewed the most, for how long, how many times the social share buttons were clicked.

Background on the request: I make virtual tours (like this one, www.virtualife.cl/bdv-dptog ) and I want to track which are the most popular images or "nodes" within the tour? did they use the floor plan? do they like to use the dropdown menu? do people use the navigational buttons, click and drag, or the keyboard to navigate? do people prefer touch screen navigation on mobile, do they like the vr? I set a compass in the metadata also, so for the panoramas, which direction did people look in the most? was it towards the view or toward features of the home? That will tell me what people like to look at and what to make sure I include during the photography phase next time. I am an analyst so being able to get answers to these questions would be gold. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am a total coding noob.

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