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ABN tree performance issue in IE with big list

user714 Published in July 16, 2018, 6:30 am

I am using ABN tree.Below is the code

<ul class="nav nav-list nav-pills nav-stacked abn-tree">

    <li ng-repeat="row in tree_rows | filter:{visible:true} track by row.branch.uid" ng-animate="'abn-tree-animate'"
        ng-class="'level-' + {{ row.level }} + (row.branch.selected ? ' active':'')" class="abn-tree-row">

But the data is tree_rows is big and it is trying to loop through all the children and construct tree and it has performance hit in IE.

Is it possible to load all the parent nodes first once we click on expand, it constructs children from the list.

Any help on this is so much apprecaited

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