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Excel VBA: Generate N Number of Sheets Based on Cel Value

user1315 Published in July 18, 2018, 4:46 am

I want to create a macro that will generate N number of template sheets based on the value of a cel. For example, User inputs 4 into this particular cell and it subsequently generates 4 new sheets in the workbook of this template.

I've searched all through Stack overflow for a question that matches mine but none do. The closest I found was this and although the inital headline question asks generally the same question, when going into detail the user who asked this changes their question to"insert number of cells based on a cell value". Still I used this as a starting point.

Sub CreateSheets()
  Dim facilitiesNum As Integer

   facilitiesNum = Range("B2").Value

  sheetsNeeded = facilitiesNum
  With ThisWorkbook.Sheets

  For i = sheetsNeeded To Master.Range("B2").Value2
  .Item("TemplateSheet").Copy After:=.Item(.Count)
  .Item(.Count).Name = sheetsNeeded
  End With
End Sub

I am new to VBA so I could be very off syntax-wise but in pseudocode my goal is

      numberOfTemplates = cell value
      numSheetsNeeded = numberOfTemplates

    For i = numSheetsNeeded To NumOfTemp:
    create sheets using numSheetsNeeded as reference for how many need to be 

How do I go about doing this?

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