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Wordpress: Membersarea with additional functionality

Dustin Lorenz
Dustin Lorenz Published in 2017-12-07 20:02:28Z

I really hope I used all the search queries there are and this topic really doesn't exist. If it does: I am very sorry =/

What I need:

I would like to have a members area on my wordpress website where my users have their own profile (standard stuff so far, I know). The tricky part (at least from what I can tell from my research so far...) is, that I also need a page in that area where my members can set up additional "preferences" which I will then use for a chatbot. I therefore need some sort of form where they can enter information (title, description, url, etc.) which will then be saved in a database. I would consider these information a "set" and my members need to be able to add additional "set"s.

That information then needs to be saved in a database which I will then read with a php page which should then produce a JSON file which can be overwritten by that php file in case the members change those set preferences (now that I think about it: If it's easier/if there is a tool that can already do that directly writing the preferences to that JSON file instead of saving it to the database would be fine/even better).

But for know I am more interested in a tool that can do the first task (giving me a members area where people can edit their profiles and those "set"s. Does anybody know some plugins that provide such functionality or do I have to program something on my own?

Thank you very much in advance. Let me know if you need additional information.

Kind regards,


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