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Android - OpenCV Template Matching with threshold

cacev000 Published in 2017-12-07 20:07:00Z

I am new to OpenCV and I have been looking at tutorials plus the questions around here but I have not been able to understand and set a threshold to the template matching.

This is the code I am currently using. Function that will be triggered when picture selected

BitmapDrawable drawable = (BitmapDrawable) imgView.getDrawable();
Bitmap viewBitmap = drawable.getBitmap();
Bitmap bitmapMatch = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.template_1);

run(viewBitmap, bitmapMatch, "result.png", Imgproc.TM_CCOEFF_NORMED);

Run function

public void run(Bitmap inFile, Bitmap templateFile, String outFile, int match_method) {
        System.out.println("\nRunning Template Matching");

        Mat img = new Mat();
        Utils.bitmapToMat(inFile, img);
        Mat templ = new Mat();
        Utils.bitmapToMat(templateFile, templ);

        // / Create the result matrix
        int result_cols = img.cols() - templ.cols() + 1;
        int result_rows = img.rows() - templ.rows() + 1;
        Mat result = new Mat(result_rows, result_cols, CvType.CV_32FC1);

        // / Do the Matching and Normalize
        Imgproc.matchTemplate(img, templ, result, match_method);
//        Core.normalize(result, result, 0, 1, Core.NORM_MINMAX, -1, new Mat());

        // / Localizing the best match with minMaxLoc
        Core.MinMaxLocResult mmr = Core.minMaxLoc(result);

        Point matchLoc;
        if (match_method == Imgproc.TM_SQDIFF || match_method == Imgproc.TM_SQDIFF_NORMED) {
            matchLoc = mmr.minLoc;
        } else {
            matchLoc = mmr.maxLoc;

        Log.d(TAG, "point: " + mmr.maxVal);

        // / Show me what you got
//        Core.rectangle(img, matchLoc, new Point(matchLoc.x + templ.cols(),
//                matchLoc.y + templ.rows()), new Scalar(255, 255, 255));

        // Save the visualized detection.
        System.out.println("Writing "+ outFile);

        if (match >= 0.8)
            Log.d(TAG, "No Match Found");

I would like to add a threshold at the if statement if (match >= 0.8) in order to save the image if the match is equal or over the threshold (0.8). If not, the image will not be saved.

Please help and thank you.

MFisherKDX Reply to 2017-12-07 20:27:29Z

Core.MinMaxLocResult contains maxLoc, maxVal, minLoc, and minVal values. Just assign match=mmr.maxVal or match=mmr.minVal depending on context.

Alternatively, you could index in the result Mat to get your value and then test if it's over 0.8 as so:

double[] resultVal = result.get(matchLoc.y, matchLoc.x);
if (resultVal[0] >= 0.8) ...
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