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Split Words in the comment text

bluedolphin Published in 2017-12-07 20:18:08Z

I am trying to write a macro which will split the comment. My supervisor wants to prioritize the comments, e.g.:

Low : Comment 1

Medium : Comment 2

High: Comment 3

The output should be displayed in Excel with the following headings. I was able to write a macro to export comments from Word to an Excel file, however I am struggling to add this code snippet to split the comment text.

Comment ID  |Page|  Section/Paragraph Name  |Comment Scope  |Comment text   |Priority   |Reviewer   |Comment Date|
1   |1| 1.1heading1|    example| heading|   Comment 1   |Low    |BlueDolphin    |1/1/1|
2|  2|  1.2heading  |example2   |Comment 2  |Medium|    BlueDolphin|    1/1/1|
3|  3   |1.3heading|    3example3|Comment 3 |High   |BlueDolphin    |1/1/1|

Any help is much appreciated.

ryguy72 Reply to 2017-12-08 19:54:48Z

This looks pretty straightforward. Just turn on the Macro Recorder, select the cells of interest, click Data > Text to Columns, and follow the prompts. Turn off the Macro Recorder when done. That's it.

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