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Local Firebird db replication/sync to online db

user1156 Published in April 25, 2018, 12:15 pm

I am looking for a tip how to synchronize data from a local firebird database into online db? Few comments:

  1. On a local machine I use sales software which keeps data on firebird db. There is an internet connection, but I want to avoid direct db access (as the PC after 9pm is being turned off).
  2. I would like to create an online app (based on foundation + php + database) in which I will be able to view daily sales and explore past data.
  3. In local db, I will need to pull data from several different tables, and I would like to keep them in online/final db as a single table (with fields: #id, transaction date, transaction value, sales manager).

While mostly I know how to create frontend of the app, and partially backend still I wonder what would be best choice in terms of db - mysql? (it was my first thought). Or rather I should focus on NoSQL?

What's your recommendation on data sync? I should use symmetricsDB (pretty hard to configure) or equivalent, I should write a script which will push data from firebird into json/xml? I'm referring to your knowledge and best practices

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