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floats not stacking beneath eachother

user2296 Published in July 23, 2018, 1:22 pm

Using Post Type Builder, I created a CPT called Concerts. On a clean install of the theme on my server, I produced this result, which is structurally correct: https://plushdesign.net/plush8/concert/deck-the-hall/

Each component is set in a unique div within a parent div, and they should all be floating to the right of the photo. The divs are all set to float left.

When I moved the CPT/css over to the development site, the same css displays this: http://spiderman.ephronsystems.com/concert/san-francisco-symphony-presents-deck-the-hall/

How to get the purple button to float down below the details, and the text to wrap beneath it (it will not wrap around the photo, which is the desired behavior). I tried every combination of clearing and display properties but it is very stubborn.

Here is the relevant html:

div class="ptb_items_wrapper entry-content" itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" itemscope="">
<div class="ptb_first_row ptb_row ptb_concert_row ">
<div class="ptb_col ptb_col1-1 ptb_col_first">
<div class="ptb_module ptb_thumbnail ptb_module_inline">
<div class="title ptb_module ptb_title">
<div class="details ptb_module ptb_text ptb_details">
<div class="purchasetickets ptb_module ptb_text ptb_purchase_tickets">
<div class="description ptb_module ptb_text ptb_description">

Here is the relevant css:

div.ptb_items_wrapper.entry-content {float:left;overflow:auto;padding-top:2em;border-top:1px solid #ededed;}
div.ptb_module.ptb_thumbnail.ptb_module_inline {float:left;margin-right: 1em;}
div.title.ptb_module.ptb_title {float:left;}
div.details.ptb_module.ptb_text.ptb_details {float:left;/*margin-right: 200px;*/}

div.purchasetickets.ptb_module.ptb_text.ptb_purchase_tickets {float:left;color:#fff !important;}
.purchasetickets { padding: 6px 16px; background: #872c8c;margin:3px 0 12px !important;border-radius: 1.2em;font-size: 14px;text-transform: uppercase;letter-spacing: 2px;color:#fff !important;}
a.purchasetickets, .ptb_purchase_tickets a {color:#fff !important;}
.purchasetickets:hover {opacity:.5;}

div.description.ptb_module.ptb_text.ptb_description {float:left;}


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