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Pulling out value from a Table

user1656 Published in March 20, 2018, 3:19 pm

For my Grails project I am loading user data into a table, the last column of the table just has buttons that say "Delete". This is for an admin page and so they can delete a user. I want to make the delete button function by pulling the username and name out of the table and being able to access that username and name in the controller so I can use other classes to delete the user out of my database(This is a school project so we are doing List). I'm not sure how to do so because it's not similar to a form where I can do something like param

<div class="container" id="Apps Table">
 <table class="table table-hover table-striped">
       <th>App Name</th>
    <g:each in="${reviewApps}">
     <td>Julie Dooley</td>
     <td> <button class="btn-info" id="View App">View App</button> </td>

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