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API - Isolating returned JSON keys and values within indexed objects

user1315 Published in March 23, 2018, 9:01 am

Building a web app using a flight data API and, welp, the struggle is real.

My returned array and it's objects look something like this:


0:{destination: "YTO", 
departure_date: "2018-01-24", 
return_date: "2018-01-25"
airline: "TS"}

1:{destination: "BOS", 
departure_date: "2018-01-08", 
return_date: "2018-01-11",
airline: "AC"}

2:{destination: "SJU", 
departure_date: "2018-01-31", 
return_date: "2018-02-01", 
airline: "AA"}

Before I can dump the results into the DOM to display them to the visitor of the site, I need to run certain returned values through an additional API (long story) so I obviously need to isolate them somehow.

For this example, I'm using destination so my initial thought process is start by to logging out:


Which we know will print the FIRST destination in the FIRST object, since [0] is the index of that object (so in this case in this case we get back YTO).

Since every returned object has an index number, I think I need to loop through them (for each?) to pull the values I need but I'm trying variations of that with no luck.....or for all I know it's something else entirely.

(your two cents goes here)

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