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Postgres pg_dump cache lookup failed for index

user1557 Published in July 16, 2018, 3:08 am

I am trying to create a back-up of a postgres database using the following command (omitting details):

$ pg_dump -h $host -p 5432 -U $user $db > db.sql

After some time, I get an error (formatted)

pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query failed: ERROR:  cache lookup failed for index 1184605879
pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query was: 
SELECT  t.tableoid, 
        t.relname AS indexname, 
        pg_catalog.pg_get_indexdef(i.indexrelid) AS indexdef, 
        t.relnatts AS indnkeys, 
        false AS indisreplident, 
        c.tableoid AS contableoid, 
        c.oid AS conoid, 
        pg_catalog.pg_get_constraintdef(c.oid, false) AS condef, 
        (SELECT spcname FROM pg_catalog.pg_tablespace s WHERE s.oid = t.reltablespace) AS tablespace, 
        t.reloptions AS indreloptions 
FROM pg_catalog.pg_index i 
JOIN pg_catalog.pg_class t ON (t.oid = i.indexrelid) 
LEFT JOIN pg_catalog.pg_constraint c ON (i.indrelid = c.conrelid AND i.indexrelid = c.conindid AND c.contype IN ('p','u','x')) 
WHERE i.indrelid = '1184605870'::pg_catalog.oid AND i.indisvalid AND i.indisready 
ORDER BY indexname

I then verified the index ID in pg_index does not exist. Is there some way to fix this, or some way to ignore this error and continue so I can continue exporting non-pg_catalog data?

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