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Enabling Linux AER reporting

Mia Dawson
Mia Dawson Published in 2017-12-07 23:28:53Z

I'm trying to get Ubuntu 16.10 to print PCI AER info. Kernel documentation states:

Some systems have AER support in firmware. Enabling Linux AER support at the same time the firmware handles AER may result in unpredictable behavior. Therefore, Linux does not handle AER events unless the firmware grants AER control to the OS via the ACPI _OSC method. See the PCI FW 3.0 Specification for details regarding _OSC usage.

I have googled on how to enable AER reporting via _OSC but have come up with nothing. The only hint that I've gotten so far is that setting kernel parameter pcie_apsm=off disables ASPM but how that affects AER is unclear.

Any guidance on enabling AER?

Note: Kernel 4.8.0-22 on Ubuntu 16.10 has CONFIG_PCIEPORTBUS=y and CONFIG_PCIEAER=y


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