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How to disable or reduce TooManyRequests 429 cooldown?

user742 Published in May 21, 2018, 9:04 am

I'm developing an app which lookup for barcode online using an API

Everything works fine except one thing...

When i scan too fast i get

RestClient::TooManyRequests .... Code 429

I have made a rescue to handle this exception

But i get this exception when more than 8 requests happened in less than 1 minute in my case

And This API should receive a lot of barcodes scans per minute

My question here:

How to disable or bypass this exception or even increase the delay of it

It don't make any sense if you have to wait a minute or 2 per 8 scans while you have like 1000 clients who wants to scan in the same time

Thanks in advance

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