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Grails 2.1.1 submit button does not work with IE once deployed

user2009 Published in May 22, 2018, 4:35 am

I have a simple form which selects a range of dates, and then I click a submit button and it lists some data between the date ranges.

Everything works fine when running it in test mode under Netbeans, and everything works fine once deployed except when using IE (version 11). If I use IE then clicking the submit button has no effect at all.

But it works with IE when running on my local machine under Netbeans. As soon as I deploy to my tomcat server IE stops working, but Firefox and Chrome continue to work fine.

I'm not sure where to start looking. HTML? Tomcat? Grails? IE? OS? Java?

I'm running Windows 7, Grails 2.1.1, Java 7, Netbeans 7.2, and I'm deploying to Tomcat6 under ubuntu 14.04 LTS

My Html goes something like :-

<fieldset class="form">
<g:form action="list" method="GET">
  <div class="fieldcontain">
    <table class="campl-table-bordered campl-table-striped campl-table" style="width: auto;">
          <th style="width: auto;">Start Date</th>                              
          <td><g:datePicker name="datefrom" value="${params.datefrom}" precision="day" years="${2012..2099}"  noSelection="['':'']"/></td>
          <th style="width: auto;">End Date</th>                                   
          <td><g:datePicker name="dateto" value="${params.dateto}" precision="day" years="${2012..2099}"  noSelection="['':'']"/></td>

      <button class="btn btn-inverse" >Submit   </button>       
       Download to CSV <g:checkBox name="myCheckbox" value="${false}" /> 
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