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Missing some of web development utilities in VS2017

user905 Published in June 20, 2018, 1:25 am

I asked question yesterday, which wasn't answered. I gathered some more details and now I am able to ask more specifically:

Generally, I have to PCs: PC1 and PC2. On both I have VS2017 Community installed.

On PC1 everything works just fine.

It's PC2 I have concerns with. First of all, I miss all Razor templates. I can't create ASP.NET project with Razor Views, if I create empty web project, I can't add Razor View (cshtml file). To be clear - I can do everything on PC1.

Secondly, on PC1 I have below option, on PC2 I don't:

I have Web development kit installed in both VS's. I don't know what is wrong... I hope that someone already experienced it and found a solution.


Here's what I get when I navigate to Web->Web site in New project window:

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