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API - fetching URL token on redirect Angular 4

user769 Published in May 25, 2018, 11:12 am

I want to read a token from an URL. That URL gets passed the token to it after redirection. I can write window.location.replace('URL to be redirected') to get the token, but there is another redirection followed after and I don't know the approach to get that token in Angular. And there seems to be no precise explanation anywhere.

--> My JS has to redirect to www.example.de/token 
--> which redirects to www.example.de/token?token=234lkjölk234lökj (That one I want)
--> I fetch the token and us it get authorize myself and finally am 
--> redirected to www.example.com/landingPage

I guess it has sth to do with routing and the httpClient Module.

But I have to find a way yet.

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