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How do I redirect with POST params?

Hrvoje Jesenovic
Hrvoje Jesenovic Published in 2018-01-10 09:56:36Z

I'm integrating a credit card payment system to my Rails app. In their documentation it says that I have to redirect the user to the payment form with POST parameters.

Here is what it says in the documentation:

When creating an post please use UTF8 encoding.

When a merchant redirects a buyer to the Corvus Form Service he must redirect to the following url:

  • For testing purposes: https://testcps.corvus.hr/redirect/

With the following POST parameters:


The redirect url must look like:


The redirect url must not look like:


Do not use the GET method to redirect a user to CorvusPay payment form.

The redirect of a user does not require the use of an SSL certificate.

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