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Post multiple data items through redirectPost() function to .cshtml page

StevenJe Published in 2018-01-11 00:55:55Z

I found the following code at: Send POST data on redirect with JavaScript/jQuery?

        redirectPost: function (location, args) {
            var form = $('<form></form>');
            form.attr("method", "post");
            form.attr("action", location);

            $.each(args, function (key, value) {
                var field = $('<input></input>');

                //Change the following back to hidden 
                field.attr("type", "hidden");
                //field.attr("type", "text");
                field.attr("name", key);
                field.attr("value", value);


I call this redirect from jquery with the following:

var redirect = 'ListDatabaseDetails.cshtml?id=999999';
$.redirectPost(redirect, { 'ServerID': '1', 'DBID': '23' });

Can this be done with a .cshrml target page? If so, how do I retrieve the two values: ServerID and DBID on the target page?

I have tried the following JavaScript on the target .cshtml page with no success-the fields aren't there:

function load_data() {
    var ServerID = document.getElementById("ServerID").value;
    var DBID    = document.getElementById("DBID").value;

Thanks for any help.

StevenJe Reply to 2018-01-11 04:21:20Z

I was able to figure this out using c# razor code, with the values posted in from jquery in the sending page. In the target .cshtml page, I added:

var serverID = Request["ServerID"];
var dbID = Request["DBID"];

This stored the values in the serverID and dbID variables which were populated with the data from the sending page. yay!

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