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Cannot create class in AHK after destruction

user1016 Published in August 15, 2018, 8:44 pm

I'm trying to wrap my head around classes in AHK. I'm C++ dev, so would like to make use of RAII (__New, __Delete), but it looks like I miss some concepts since things look very contra-intuitive for me.

After some tries I came up with this simple example:

class Scenario
    MsgBox, NEW

    MsgBox, DELETE

scenario := new Scenario
scenario := new Scenario
scenario := 1
scenario := {}
scenario := new Scenario

As a result I get the following messages:

  1. NEW
  2. NEW


  1. Why doesn't the object get destroyed during the second assignment? I'd assume the number of refs going to 0, no?
  2. How come I get 2 destructions in a row? Where was that object stored meanwhile? How could scenario variable hold both references?
  3. Why was not the third construction called?
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