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How to store a template as a member of a typical C++ class

user1393 Published in April 24, 2018, 8:36 am

I am using C++ 14 where my code needs to build for clang, gcc & Microsoft compiler. I have a class like below

class MyClass {


    AnotherClass    m_member_object;
    int             m_some_value_1;
    int             m_some_value_2;

    MyClass(const AnotherClass & another_object, int some_value_1, int some_value_1) {

        m_member_object = another_object;
        m_some_value_1 = some_value_1;
        m_some_value_1 = some_value_2;

    MyClass(const MyClass & my_class_copy) {

        m_member_object = my_class_copy.m_member_object;
        m_some_value_1 = my_class_copy.m_some_value_1;
        m_some_value_2 = my_class_copy.m_some_value_2;

I want to templatise AnotherClass which is member object (or could be a pointer) in MyClass. Trying to learn templates from here, when I make AnotherClass like below,

template<typename T>
T  m_member_object;

Compiler complains that member m_member_object is declared as a template

How can I store a template type instead of AnotherClass & let the user code of MyClass define what type it wants to store in MyClass?

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