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excel stops execution of macros abruptly

user1334 Published in July 18, 2018, 10:22 pm

I have created a form for a survey and it has over 500 questions which it pulls from a sheet based on condition provided. It also has a combo box which pulls the question number which is alphanumeric. Once the survey starts and finished if there are any questions left unanswered will be displayed in another form and user can go back in the form and answer them. While answering these questions the excel will run through a loop multiple times to validate condition and at a particular question it stops working when it is pulling the question number. There is no error message, no debugging option the code stops executing without any trace.

UserForm1.ComboBox2.Value = QUEST.Range("B" & RQID).Value

This is the line in which code stops and then the form disappears as well from the sheet. The RQID value is at most times is 276 and it takes a lot of validation process in loops from 50 to reach this value. Is it because the file is corrupted.

Also, When I double click on the UserForm1 for validation it restarts the excel.

It is occurring in multiple versions of files which used to work fine before. Also I got the first file with problem from my client Is there any way her file could have corrupted my excel application or will this be caused by Add Ins?

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