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Bind list from class to combobox

user1283 Published in May 20, 2018, 9:59 am

I'm currently writing a pretty small program in C# and have this list that I want to bind to a combobox. Now, I've put that list in a class, and want to bind that list to a combobox. The code below shows how far I've come so far:


public partial class Form1 : Form
    public Form1()
        Locaties locaties = new Locaties();
        List<string> listofLocaties = locaties.retrieveLocations();

        cboxLocToevoegen.DataSource = ???;
        cboxLocOverzicht.DataSource = ???;



class Locaties
    public List<string> retrieveLocations()
        List<string> LocatieList = new List<string>();

        return LocatieList;

Now, I'm gonna be honest with you: my knowledge and experience with classes and methods is not perfect. That's why the solution might probably be simpler than I think. Please don't judge me on that, I'm still learning!

Anyway, I hope anyone can help me out with this!

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