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Matlab load function error (Input cannot be a directory)

Xin Yin
Xin Yin Published in 2018-01-11 13:36:33Z

I use the Matlab load function to load a MAT file which worked before.

However, today it didn't work most of the time.

The error information is:

Unable to read file

Input cannot be a directory

But I am very sure the MAT file is a file, not a directory. I restarted the Matlab and the computer. But it did not solve the problem.

The file I want to load is a normal object file with HDF5 format. The strangest thing is sometimes it worked. I used memory to detect the available memory of the computer. It showed as follow:

>> memory

Maximum possible array:       52401 MB (5.495e+10 bytes) *
Memory available for all arrays:       52401 MB (5.495e+10 bytes) *
Memory used by MATLAB:        2243 MB (2.352e+09 bytes)
Physical Memory (RAM):       32692 MB (3.428e+10 bytes)

*  Limited by System Memory (physical + swap file) available.

Thanks for the help!

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