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React: How do I track a page (e.g., in Google Analytics) once all async items are completed?

jessepinho Published in 2018-01-11 16:30:04Z

I have a routable ArticlePage component that makes an HTTP request to fetch an article. When the request completes, it uses a <Helmet> tag (react-helmet) to update the <title> and several <meta> tags. The HTTP request is of course asynchronous, and react-helmet also updates the tags asynchronously, providing a callback to indicate when it's finished.

I want to track the pageview in Google Analytics, and I need the <title> to be updated because that gets sent to Google Analytics. My question is, how do I ensure that all the asynchronous events have completed before sending the tracking request?

I'm looking for a solution I can use throughout my site with varying levels of page complexity. For example, for some pages, the HTTP request will be made at the *Page component level, but the <Helmet> tag may be nested several levels down inside another component, and a third component may be making a separate HTTP request.

Right now I use Redux to keep track of all the async items currently in progress with a simple counter. Each item sends a readyToTrackPageview(false) action when it starts, and readyToTrackPageview(true) when it ends. The reducer increments and decrements a counter (respectively) in response to these actions; every time the counter reaches 0, it fires the tracking event.

The problem is, a component that wraps <Helmet> on the page gets unmounted and remounted in response to some state changes, which means it'll actually fire tracking events twice for a single page. Furthermore, if one async event starts AND finishes before a second one even begins, again, two tracking events would be fired.

I'd like to somehow tie the events to a single router history entry. But if I fire the event as soon as the router updates, the async actions won't have completed yet, and it will track outdated metadata.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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