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T-SQL min function with alias for column header

JosephDoggie Published in 2018-01-11 19:41:39Z

If I do the following in SSMS 2008 r2, using T-SQL:

SELECT TOP 1 [col1] 
FROM [table1] AS ourResult

The alias column header ourResult works as expected.

However, if I do the very similar:

FROM [table1] AS min_date1 

the alias for the column header does not work and instead there is:

(No column name)

Is there a fix for this somewhat simple situation?

maSTAShuFu Reply to 2018-01-11 20:09:49Z

This query

SELECT TOP 1 [col1] 
FROM [table1] AS ourResult

will return col1 as the columnheader

but this query

FROM [table1] AS min_date

will return (No column name) because you wrap the actual column with a function therefore you need a new name or keep the same one by doing this

SELECT MIN([Date]) as minDate
FROM [table1] AS min_date

the From clause with "as" is the alias for the table and not the column.

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