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Filling table column by matching several rows from different tables with data.table

user1855 Published in April 26, 2018, 5:20 pm

I need help finding a solution to the following problem:

Here is an example data set:

x_coord <- rep(sort(rep(c(1:3),3)),2)
y_coord <- rep(c(1:3),6)
time_info <- c(rep(strptime("201701010000", tz = "UTC", format = "%Y%m%d%H%M"),9), rep(strptime("201701010005", tz = "UTC", format = "%Y%m%d%H%M"),9))

table1 <- data.table(x = x_coord, y = y_coord, time = time_info)

table2 <- data.table(x = c(1,1,3,2), y = c(1,1,3,1),time = rep(time_info[1], 4), values = c(3,5,8,6))
# table2 has one unique time-value

The aim is to fill in table1 with the values from table2 so that it looks like this:

table3 <- table1
for (i in c(1:nrow(table2))) {
table3[x == table2$x[i] & y == table2$y[i] & time == table2$time[i],"values" := .(table2$values[i])]

There are several constraints:

  1. table1 does not contain all coordinates from table2 and the reverse. Each coordinates/time combination has only one corresponding value so there is no issue with multiple values per coordinate/time.

  2. I can't do it manually, since "table1" has in reality 2*10^7 rows and I want to get the values from almost 100'000 "table2"s which each have the size of about 10000 rows and which come from a different file each.

I've tried merging but then when it's Looping, it adds a new "values"-column at each Iteration (and on top of that it's taking really long). I've also tried matching with

table1[time == table2$time[1] & paste0(x,y) %in% paste0(table2$x,table2$y), "values" := .(table2$values)] 

but then I am not sure that the right value is assigned to the right coordinate.

I hope my question is clear, sorry if not! Thank you very much for helping.

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