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How to establish communication between Ionic 3 app and create php REST API

Akash M
Akash M Published in 2018-01-12 06:49:19Z

As I am beginner, I am facing some issues.

I have an web application which is built in core PHP without any frameworks. Now I have developed Mobile for that web application in Ionic3 and Latest version of Angular.

I am done with all my design part of the Mobile app. I am not getting how to send and retrieve the data from the existing Database of the Web application.

I searched in google, I found PHP Restful API topic. But I am not getting how to start with it.

Also is it necessary that the web application should be developed in frameworks to create Restful API ?

Can anyone suggest me how to establish the communication between Ionic3 App and create a Restful API.

Thank you.

VinuBibin Reply to 2018-01-12 06:57:41Z

for rest api integration with ionic app, Please check the below url. https://www.djamware.com/post/59924f9080aca768e4d2b12e/ionic-3-consuming-rest-api-using-new-angular-43-httpclient

In php, 1. Request : you can pass the data in both get or post. but in your php code, you can get request params as _GET or _POST array 2. Url : provide the url of php file. 3. Response : In php file, you can add the required data in a multidimensional array and use echo json_encode($array); thus it will return as a json format data. more on json_encode check the link below http://php.net/manual/en/function.json-encode.php

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