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Redirect to Action is not working With ASP.NET core

Simsons Published in 2018-01-12 07:45:06Z

I have my login view which wants to redirect to Clients page after successful login.

To do that I am using ,

        public async Task<IActionResult> Login(LoginViewModel model)
            if (ModelState.IsValid)
                var result = await _signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(model.Username, model.Password, model.Rememberme, false);

                if (result.Succeeded)

                    if (Request.Query.Keys.Contains("ReturnUrl"))
                    RedirectToAction("Index", "Clients");
                    ModelState.AddModelError("", "Failed to login");
                    return View();

            return View();


But after successful login , I am staying in current login page and not redirected to Client Page!! If I try to navigate to Client page using browser this works fine without any issue.

garret Reply to 2018-01-12 08:03:30Z

You need to return method result, just add return to all redirect methods:

return RedirectToAction("Index", "Clients");

Redirect methods are returnig view, to show this view You need to return it.

More info about IActionResult

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