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Async/Await while avoiding the Try/Catch block?

Ivan Drenjanin
Ivan Drenjanin Published in 2018-01-12 09:29:18Z

I've been working with Node for about month or so and I wanted to utilize the latest features available, like Async/Await style, but I do not like using the try/catch blocks with it. I have been trying to make some kind of a wrapper class and/or functions to wrap the async/await, which can be seen on the following link: https://repl.it/@Zaramao/AsyncAwait-Test

I used the destructuring logic of await-to-js npm module to mitigate the usage of try/catch partially, but I am somewhat confused on how would I use it outside of an async function without using es6 promises, and how could I chain multiple awaits using this approach?

Any help, suggestion or critics, if I am doing something completely wrong, is more than appreciated.

Aminadav Reply to 2018-01-12 09:35:45Z

You have to choose. Using try, catch block, or use promises. The reason for async/await exist, is for people who do not like promises, and prefer cleaner code.

If you don't want both, you can use




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