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Is there opportunity to debug http request in RubyMine?

user1025 Published in July 19, 2018, 3:34 pm

Appear problem when I try to debug http response with default Ruby lib Net::HTTP

Example. I have such piece of code

url = URI.parse("http://nibbler.silktide.com/") # any http resource

req = Net::HTTP.get_response(url) # the same situation with get method of the Net::HTTP module

p req

I set breakpoint on the second line and try to execute it in the Interactive console and got "Timeout: evaluation took longer than 10 seconds."

But when I set breakpoint on the third line (or press F8 to make Step Over) I got correct value in req => #<Net::HTTPOK 200 OK readbody=true>

Why such situation appear? In such way I can't debug response in my code. Could anybody help me?


OS - Ubuntu 16.04 x64

RubyMine version - 2017.2.4

Ruby version - 2.4.2p198

ruby-debug-ide (0.6.1.beta10)

Thank you in advance

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