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How to find the origin of some invasive html?

user937 Published in August 14, 2018, 8:26 am

I've been working on the site https://founderspledge.com/ and just noticed that if you go to the main page, and open the Chrome console to view the source, there's an element that I certainly didn't put there:

<div class="pub_300x250 pub_300x250m pub_728x90 text-ad textAd
 text_ad text_ads text-ads text-ad-links" style="position: absolute;">.</div>

It also doesn't show up when I run the site's code in localhost, or when I load the page source separately using Chrome's 'View Source' option.

I Googled the div's class list, and the top few hits were from anti-ad blocker software (eg https://github.com/sitexw/FuckAdBlock), which doesn't seem malign, but doesn't explain why it would be on this site.


1) How can I get rid of this element?

2) How might it have got there?

3) Does it imply there's a hole in the site's security?

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