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Error 500 internal server error in asp.net

user1215 Published in June 20, 2018, 1:29 am

I am writing an asp.net application and am trying to make a post request using jquery ajax to web api2 controller method. Doing so results in error 500 internal server error. Here is the jquery code

function reload(quantity, cartItemId) {
            url: "/api/user/UpdateCart",
            method: "POST",

            data: { quantity: quantity, cartItemId:cartItemId },
            success: function() {
              //  window.location.href = "/user/ViewCart";


    function addItem(cartItemId) {
        var quantity = parseInt(document.getElementById("txt-box-" + cartItemId).value);
        document.getElementById("txt-box-" + cartItemId).value = quantity;

In my web api 2 controller I have the following code

    public IHttpActionResult UpdateCart([FromBody]int quantity,[FromBody]int cartItemId)
        var cartItemInDb = _unitOfWork.CartItemRepository.Read(cartItemId);
        cartItemInDb.Quantity = quantity;

        return Ok();
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