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Wordpress (plugin) to play sound on image click?

user3257309 Published in 2018-01-12 14:43:31Z

I am building up a large quiz, which is multilanguage by the voiceover, so my goal is to add multiple images of the flags and when client click on his country flag, he hears the mp3 file with the question/answer translated in his language (I have prepared audio files for this). How can I achieve this without deep writing of codes? Maybe there is some wordpress plugin that could be used for this? I was looking for an audio player, which would have a single play/pause button and nothing more and would allow me to change the image of the play/pause button, that is basically all I need.

There will be 200+ questions and 1000+ answers in total, so You can imagine that I am looking for as easy solution for this as possible.

I have tried few plugins like EsAudioPlayer and so, but still didn't made it work this way.

I use the latest WP 4.9.1 version + Elementor Pro. The quiz plugin I am using is LearnDash. All help appreciated.

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