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very basic VBA function not working

user753 Published in April 24, 2018, 8:24 am

At first, I wanted to get myself some knowledge about VBA because it's used often at the company I recently started working. So I decided to do a tutorial about it. I have some knowledge about vb.net from when I went to school.

I do know this is very basic and there is a built-in 'SUM function' in Excel.

While I'm trying to select the 2 cells with the numbers in does this error appear when I select the 2nd cell: (English version error message from the internet)

The code I typed for the function:

Function fnSum(Num1 As Double, Optional num2 As Variant)
    If IsMissing(num2) Then
        fnSum = Num1 * Num1
        fnSum = Num1 * num2
    End If
End Function
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