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Conditional validation not firing

user990 Published in July 18, 2018, 10:24 pm

Using a gem for validating date overlap, the attempt is to verify against existing records whether the new records overlaps for non-cancelled records. The class has attribute cancelled as boolean, default: false.

It appears the following syntax is erroneous as the application rollsback when hitting and existing cancelled object.

validates :start_time, :end_time, :overlap => {:scope => "instructor_id", :exclude_edges => ["start_time", "end_time"]}, if: -> {cancelled == false || require_validation}

what is the proper way to do this under rails 4.2 ?


following the gem's conventions

validates :start_time, :end_time, :overlap => {:query_options => {:cancelled => nil}, :scope => "instructor_id", :exclude_edges => ["start_time", "end_time"]}
scope :cancelled, -> { where(:cancelled => false) }

does not fire either.

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