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Sound issue with one program in windows 7

Mohsen K
Mohsen K Published in 2018-01-12 16:11:59Z

I have a problem with one of application on my windows. IT's a gaming application.(Bet365 Client)
Everything else has a voice and works perfectly fine but this app!
I tried :
1- Removing sound Driver and installing it again (the latest version that my manufacture provides) 2- De-Activating any kind of firewall.
3- Going through some similar issues that have been discussed before on the net (most suggest Re-install driver etc...)
4- Checked Volume Mixer box. There is nothing related to the app.

I have a Asus Laptop with windows 7 Ultimate 64Bits
I had this problem with windows 10 before , So I switched back to windows 7 and it's still here.

Bare in mind , in poker tables I have no sound , but when I open a Casino game sound is fine!! (Checked the settings at poker client as well)

I appreciate if anyone can help me with that.

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