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C# OrientDB Driver Not Returning All in_ RIDs in Results

Evil August
Evil August Published in 2018-01-12 17:00:59Z

I'm using the OrientDB C# driver to query OrientDB. I have vertices that are called ElementType stored can have an infinite number of edges pointing to them do to the fact that they are like types. One can image how this would work in a relational database.

The edges going to ElementType are called HasElementType. When the version gets high on the ElementType, i.e. there are many HasElementType edges going to it, say more than 30 or 40, when I query for Element type in anyway the in_HasElementType document collection is empty.

Here is an example query that does not work:

using (OrientDatabase db = new OrientDatabase())
   results = db.Connection.Select().From("ElementType")

I initially thought that the fetchplan may be an issue, but adding the above fetchplan did not help. I have also tried writing the query using a MATCH statement to verify that it does return what I expect in the OrientDB query editor. It does in fact return the RIDs of the in_HasElementType, even for the ones with well over 30 - 40 edges. Running this query with Command() yields the same problem as the code above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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