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Changing normal RESTful client code to make it use RestTemplate

user1821 Published in May 20, 2018, 10:12 am

I have written a normal client code which hits a URL (shown here as URL) and gets a response back. I'm setting the webResource.type() as "application/XML".

The requestString contains XML data in String form.

Here is my code:

 processPayment(String requestString) throws InterruptedException {
    Client client = null;
                    WebResource webResource  = null;
                    ClientResponse response =null;
                    String results = null; 

                        client = Client.create();       
                        webResource = client.resource(URL);

                        response = webResource.type("application/xml")
                           .post(ClientResponse.class, requestString);

                        if (response.getStatus() != 200) {

                              webResource = null;

                            throw new RuntimeException(" request failed with the HTTP Status: "
                                 + response.getStatus() + ". Fallback initiated.");


                        results = response.getEntity(String.class);

                  } finally {
                      webResource = null;

                    return results;

I want to change this such that it uses one of the RestTemplate POST methods (postForObject, postForEntity etc.).

It also my understanding that with a RestTemplate I will not have to explicitly check for a successful response code as the RestTemplate will handle that for me.

Any ideas, resources, code or any form of help is welcome.

Thank You.

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